Life of Ignatius

Be inspired by the colourful life of Iñigo of Loyola, later known as Ignatius.
Maybe his trials and discernment could help you in your search for fulfilment in life.
Follow the life of the Spanish courtier turned priest.
It is 500 years since he converted to Christ yet his story still has the power to move us.
Join us for daily prayer using pictures, Scripture, Music and episodes from the life of Ignatius.

Picture of the Day

A variety of style of paintings and photographs offer you something new every day to reflect upon.

Episode from the life of Ignatius

Each day we present an episode in the life of Ignatius of Loyola. We show how God worked on him to change him from a vain courtier/soldier to a man who lived a simple life and worked for the poor and rejected by society.

Inigo: Story and Song

Where there is a relevant story or song relating to our story in Fr. William Hewett’s “Inigo: Story and Song” we include these on the appropriate day. The narrative is distinct from that written in our story. Click on the word ‘Lyrics’ for the words of the song.

Scripture for the Day

Our daily passage from the Bible will in some way reflect the day’s story from the life of Ignatius.

Music for Today

Our music will be varied and mainly religious themed. Hopefully you will enjoy most of it and it will help you in your prayer. The music is provided by a link to YouTube. Again it picks up on the day’s theme. If you enjoy the music you might like to purchase more to aid the musicians and to help us a little too.


Each day of Lent you are invited to relate the Scripture and story of Ignatius to your own life.
God speaks to you today just as much as to people of old.

How to Pray this Retreat – Suggestions…


Read the story of Ignatius ( Iñigo) and if you wish, listen to the Iñigo story and song for the day.
Then note the picture at the top of the page, the thought to ponder, the music and the Scripture reading.

Choose what speaks to you

Which attracts you most, which speaks to you – the picture, Ignatius’ story, the thought, the music or the Scripture?
Concentrate on this one element that most strikes you.
If you want suggestions of ways of praying with pictures and Scripture then click on the “Methods of Prayer” button above. If you wish to use Ignatius’ story, you might imagine yourself as a person in the story of his life, as in imaginative contemplation which is one of the methods of prayer.


Then take a time of quiet. Begin with stilling yourself. (For stilling suggestions see Methods of Prayer.)

Become aware of your own needs and ask God for whatever gift you feel you need at the moment.

Then move into the method of prayer you have chosen.

You may like to end your prayer with a conversation with Jesus, talking to him as you would to a friend.