Methods of Prayer

With Scripture, Music and Pictures

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Stilling – Awareness

Every day of the retreat we provide a picture, a reflection,
a reading from Scripture and a piece of music.
The music is simple, you are invited to listen to it and ponder on it.
As a bare minimum a slow reading of the text and a pondering of the picture each day of the retreat will help you to come to a greater understanding of Jesus Christ.

However, you will get a lot more from the retreat if you can spend time really praying either the picture or the Scripture. If you can set aside 15 minutes to an hour to really allow God to speak to you, then this retreat will be a much richer experience.

Different ways of praying are suggested below.
It is good to start each session of prayer with a stilling or awareness exercise.
Then either ponder the picture or the Scripture.
If you ponder the Scripture, with Bible stories, imaginative contemplation is great,
for letters, psalms or wisdom literature, lectio divina is probably more suitable.