Lent 2024

Through Lent with Pope Francis

Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has visited many countries, reformed the Vatican curia, appointed Cardinals to new and less ‘important’ places and written many letters and Encyclicals to encourage Christians and other people of goodwill in their faith.

His major themes have been care for the environment, anti-war, more compassion and mercy for those who find the Church’s teachings hard to follow, encouraging all to live in love and joy, and a desire to allow ordinary Catholics to have an input into Church practice and teaching through a policy of ‘synodality’.

In this retreat we choose a daily quotation from the writings of Pope Francis, to which we add a suitable quotation from Scripture. We then offer you a picture and some music to help stimulate your prayer and finally a suggestion for pondering over this subject matter. Take as much as you find helpful. You don’t have to use everything, sometimes less is more.

Click on today’s date for the prayer – we have made Ash Wednesday live to give you an idea of how the retreat will look.

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