Day 29

Today’s Picture: Jesus with two disciples by René de los Reyes

The Emotional Jesus: Joy

There is a certain strand of Christian logic that says “Jesus is God, God never changes, therefore Jesus cannot be subject to the ups and downs of human emotions.”
However, this doesn’t fit with Jesus of the Gospels.
This week we shall look at different emotions that Jesus expresses during his ministry.

There is much talk of joy in the New Testament,
yet sometimes the way we think about it,
seems to be robbed of any enjoyment! 
Perhaps a deep, rather dull joy?
However, its easy to imagine the disciples laughing,
joking and telling stories at night round a fire,
or being full of elation after having fed 5,000 people unexpectedly,
or being excited after a massive catch of fish after a disappointing night’s work.
In today’s story the disciples have returned to Jesus bubbling with joy and enthusiasm after going on their own to take the message of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus himself shows joy – real human joy.
Joy, is certainly an emotion felt by many in Ireland and beyond on today’s great feast of Saint Patrick.

Today’s Prayer

Preparation: Begin by stilling, then dedicating the time of prayer to God and asking God that all you think, feel and imagine are for the glory of God. 

Gift:  Ask for what you desire.  Suggestion: To feel the joy of the Gospel

Setting:  In this story you can imagine you are one of the disciples.

Luke 10:20-23 HCSB

Don’t rejoice that the spirits submit to you, 
but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”
In that same hour He rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, 
“I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, 

because You have hidden these things from the wise and the learned and have revealed them to infants. 
Yes, Father, because this was Your good pleasure.
All things have been entrusted to Me by My Father.
No one knows who the Son is except the Father,

and who the Father is except the Son,
and anyone to whom the Son desires to reveal Him.”
Then turning to His disciples He said privately, 
“The eyes that see the things you see are blessed!
For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see the things you see yet didn’t see them;
to hear the things you hear yet didn’t hear them.”

Conversation: You may want to talk to Jesus about joy; asking for more in your life.

Final Prayer: End with a formal prayer such as the Lord’s Prayer/Our Father.

Today’s Music for the feast of St Patrick

Today’s Music: The Deer’s Cry (St Patrick’s Breastplate) sung by The Sixteen written by Arvo Pärt
Click for more music by the Sixteen