Lectio Divina

A Prayerful Pondering—Lectio Divina

This style of prayer is particularly suited to the psalms, the prophets, the letter of Paul, and other non-story passage.

Read the passage slowly stopping wherever a word or phrase seems to say something. Let the words speak to you. Let the passage touch your own life, your memories. There is no one right meaning; the same passage will say very different things to different people. Meditate on the words. It often helps to say the words or phrases to yourself several times, ideally out loud.

Ponder, ruminate!

Speak to God in your own words. Imagine God speaking back to you. Express your own deepest desires.

Contemplate; be in silence with God. Be quiet and open before God.  Rest. Let the mind be still. When your mind starts to wander then turn back to the passage and continue reading.

Allow this fourfold process to continue until the period of prayer is over.

Finish with a formal prayer such as the Lord’s Prayer/Our Father.

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