Lives to Inspire

A Retreat with Saints and others to inspire you

We all know of people whose lives inspire us by their courage, generosity, imagination or brilliance. People who encourage us to live better, more fulfilled lives. Christian churches either informally, or formally (like the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches) present us with inspiring people that they call ‘saints’. Over Lent this year we shall tell you a little about the lives of over 40 people, some canonised saints, others renowned for their lives of love and public service. Saints are not perfect people, but they do have aspects of their lives that stand out and are worthy of emulation.
As well as details about their lives we also offer:


Scripture to pray with; you may like to ponder in the ‘Lectio Divina’ style, or where there is a Gospel story you might like to imagine you are one of the characters in the scene – Imaginative Contemplation, also known as Ignatian Contemplation.


Music: we provide a link to a suitable piece of music for the day.


Picture: each day we have a new picture to ponder which in some way links to the person we feature.


Reflection: there is also a daily reflection which usually links to the featured person.